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Pittsburgh Tree Lightning Protection Systems
Did you know, trees are one of the most common victims of a lightning strike?

But, why?

Trees are typically the tallest structure on your property. Therefore they each serve as a natural lightning rod during a thunderstorm. Not to mention, the outer bark and trunk’s interior have a high moisture content, another conductor of electricity.

If you have several shade trees on your residential or commercial property, it may be time to consider Horhut Expert’s Tree Lightning Protection System. We recommend this for the safety of the property’s residents and tenants, as well as preventing the total loss of your valuable shade trees.

But, before we go any further, let’s discuss what happens when lightning strikes a tree.

Lightning 101: What Happens When Lightning Strikes a Tree. Tree Lightning Protection Pittsburgh
We’ve already mentioned why trees are susceptible to being struck, but let’s address what happens to the tree if it’s the unfortunate victim of a thunderstorm.

Lightning is a very short, yet extremely high jolt of electricity.

Per the National Weather Service, lightning can reach over 50,000° Fahrenheit.
When lightning strikes a tree, the tremendous amount of heat produced will instantly vaporize any water inside the tree, creating steam that may cause the trunk to explode or blow off the bark.
When the tree suffers a blow from lightning, it can die instantly. More than likely, however, it will slowly die over a longer period because a damaged tree is susceptible to bug or disease infestation.

Signs a Tree Was Struck by Lightning

The only way to prevent damage from this destructive, yet natural phenomenon, is by installing Horhut Expert’s Tree Lightning Protection System. We will install a cable at the top of the tree’s canopy, secure it along the tree trunk and bury it several feet under the Earth – grounding any electrical currents should the tree get stuck.

Too Many Shade Trees to Count?

If you have a yard filled with tall shade trees, our Arborist Representative will advise you on the proper trees to have a lightning protection system installed, and the specific ways to route the conductor material as to not detract from the natural beauty of the tree.

Here are a few things Horhut Experts will consider:

Prevent lightning damage from occurring on your large and valuable shade trees with the installation of Horhut Expert’s Tree Lightning Protection System. Ask us about a FREE CONSULTATION today!