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Storm Damage
In western Pennsylvania, it is not unusual to experience strong storms and high winds in spring and summer, not to mention heavy snowfalls in the winter. As property owners, residential or commercial, you want to be prepared for any damage that results from unfavorable weather conditions. Trees, even the healthiest and most structurally sound, can pose a threat when extreme storms have taken over. Damaged or fallen trees can cause destruction to your property and become a safety hazard to homeowners or business customers.

Once a storm passes, you need a reliable tree company to help assess the damages and clean up the aftermath on your property immediately. At Horhut Tree Experts, in Pittsburgh, we have worked with hundreds of clients following weather-related events that have required tree removal. Safety is our number one priority; therefore it is important to address damaged and fallen trees as soon as they happen.

Trees can become damaged and fall for many reasons, such as:

Once damaged or fallen, trees can be difficult to remove. Even if a tree has not fallen, it may not be structurally sound enough from the damage to remain on your property. By hiring a reputable tree company, like Horhut Tree Experts, you are one step closer to recovering from any storm-related damages you have suffered in Pittsburgh. Once the weather condition permits, our team of professionals will visit your site to assess the situation. Based on our evaluation, we will develop a strategy to address the conditions present on site.

If you are in need of tree removal services in Pittsburgh, call Horhut Tree Experts at 412-855-2703.