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Pittsburgh Disease and Insect Management
Our Pittsburgh tree company go to great heights to get to the root of the problem.

Tree disease and insect infestation can devastate a landscape.

When you first see a caterpillar gnawing away at your favorite tree or notice mushrooms popping up at the trunk of an old oak tree your great-grandmother planted, we know this can be disheartening. Whether you’ve invested a lot of time and money into your landscape or a part of your landscape is of personal sentiment, Horhut Tree Experts are here to help tackle any tree diseases or insects affecting your shade and ornamental trees.

Benefits of a Disease and Insect Management Program

Wood perennials and shrubs are in threat of tree disease and insect infestation nearly all-year long. During the early spring, insects and disease can begin to ravage your tree’s first leaves, while breaking down their root systems. The heat of the summertime soon follows, allowing the growth of brand-new bugs and diseases to devastate your plant life. By late summer, any late-hatching insects or diseases that aren’t eliminated by an insect and disease management program will otherwise over-winter for the following early-spring season.

Tree Disease Pittsburgh

Step 1: Proactive Prevention

Implementing an insect or disease management program will help arm your landscape from infestation before problems occur.

Step 2: Making a Diagnosis

If you’ve already noticed damage to your ornamental or shade trees, one of Horhut’s Arborists will assess the tree and its surroundings to gain a thorough understanding of what’s afflicting your tree’s health. We will then make a recommendation for the therapeutic action required to save your tree.

Step 3: Implement a Customized Solution

Based on Horhut Tree Experts diagnosis, we will implement a customized solution designed specifically to help your over-stressed tree recover and flourish once again.

Step 4: Prescribing a Program to Prevent Further Infestation

Once the Horhut Tree Experts resolves your tree’s insect or disease issues, we’ll recommend further treatments to help prevent any future infestations.

Consult With an Expert Pittsburgh Tree Company

If you are searching for a tree company in Pittsburgh, look no further than Horhut Tree Experts. At Horhut Tree Experts, we know early detection is the key to preventing insects and disease from wreaking havoc on your landscape. We also know insects and disease can come out of nowhere. With our Disease and Insect Management Program, we’ll help you prevent and eliminate any issues affecting your landscape. Call us at 412-855-2703 for a FREE QUOTE today!