Plant Health Care Program

Creating a natural bond with your Pittsburgh tree company.

Nature never rests and neither do we. At Horhut Tree Experts, we are a small group of Pittsburgh arborists who believe it’s important to nurture the relationships we have with our clients. That’s why we suggest partaking in our Plant Health Care Program. Having an ISA® Certified Arborist review your property, at least once a year, is a great way to care and maintain your residential, commercial, or municipal landscape. During our annual site visits, our trained professionals will note any problems or issues your landscape may be facing, recommend possible treatment options and help plan for a lush, green future.

Our Plant Health Care Program is our continued commitment to protecting the quality of your valuable trees and shrubs from insects, diseases, and other environmental factors that may threaten your plants’ health. An Arborist Representative will visit your property and create an annual plan to address specific issues noted during the representative’s survey of the site.

Some of the services provided with our Plant Health Care Program include:


Tree Consulting Tree Care Pittsburgh

Whether your property is existing or you’re planning to develop, it’s important to know as much about your landscape as possible. Horhut’s Tree Consulting services can help in various areas including tree and landscape appraisals to the protection and preservation of your landscape during construction. We provide services to properties that include residential, commercial, municipal, arboricultural, golf course, universities, and more. Please visit our Tree Consulting page for more information.

Disease and Insect Management

Disease and insect infestation can pose a threat to your trees, shrubs, and landscape all-year long. Benefits to our Disease and Insect Management program include prevention, diagnosis, customized solutions, and post-care recommendations and follow-up. Please visit our Disease and Insect Management page for more information.


In nature, trees undergo their own type of natural fertilization through the decomposition of leaves and downed tree limbs near the soil. However, when it comes to residential and commercial landscapes, professionals are usually hired to keep landscapes clean and neat. With our Fertilization services, we will help your soil maintain a healthy PH balance, along with the proper mix of nutrients and minerals needed to keep your trees tall, strong and growing.

Critical Root Zone Enhancement

Hidden underneath a tree’s lush canopy and its sturdy trunk is a complex root system that helps anchor the tree and promote growth. Without a healthy root system, a tree will not live to its full potential. Subscribing to our Critical Root Zone Enhancement program will help enhance the dirt around your tree and reduce soil compaction, components critical to a healthy root infrastructure.

At Horhut Tree Experts, we are dedicated to keeping your landscape healthy and sustainable. We are proud to boast some of the best arborists in Pittsburgh and take pride in caring for your landscape in the most natural and ethical ways. For a full list of services under our Plant Health Care Program, call the experts – Horhut Tree Experts!