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Critical Root Zone Enhancement
When it comes to the trees on your Pittsburgh property, much focus is given to the tree trunk and the canopy, which is only one half of the whole tree. In order for your trees to flourish and remain healthy, it is important that attention be given to what is underneath the ground as well. The majority of the roots, which provide water, nutrients and energy to the tree can be found within the first three feet of soil and within the critical root zone.

All tree species have a critical root zone, an ideal area of tree protection, which corresponds to the dripline of a tree. The dripline of the tree (the area under the circumference of the tree branches) can be hard to define. Therefore, calculations based on the diameter of the tree are often used to determine the critical root zone.

At Horhut Tree Experts, our family-owned Pittsburgh tree company, we offer Critical Root Zone Enhancement to enhance the development of your tree’s root systems. The process improves the soil under and near the canopy of the tree by reducing soil compaction, which is detrimental to a tree’s rooting health.

During the Critical Root Zone Enhancement process, we aerate the soil using AirSpade® technology. By using compressed air, the tree’s root systems are not damaged. During the process, organic material and required nutrients are reincorporated into the soil to enhance the development of the tree’s root system and aid in beneficial bacteria growth.

If your trees are in need of Critical Root Zone Enhancement or you are looking for expert advice regarding the health of your trees and landscape in Pittsburgh, call Horhut Tree Experts, your local tree company, at 412-855-2703.