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Deer Management in Pittsburgh:
Controlling Damage & Disease

Deer in and around the Pittsburgh area seem to coexist with ease among the human population. With an area dominated by tall buildings, busy roads, and bustling communities, deer wander around seemingly unphased by all of the activity and commotion. With that, however, means they’ve become commonplace on residential and commercial properties, along with parks and recreation areas. The creates challenges when growing and maintaining arborvitae, yews, hostas, tulips, and other types of plants and flowers.

Environmental Concerns

Planting trees, flowers, and shrubs are a financial investment that can be wiped out in an instant by deer. And while they may be docile creatures, the can surely wreak havoc in your lawn and garden. From parks and recreation standpoint, thick ground-cover and other plant life serve as food for many animals, as well as a place for birds and other species to nest. With an overpopulated deer population, their habits to graze may inhibit other animals from feeding and nesting, creating an imbalance among the wildlife population.

Human Disease

In addition to plant damage, deer can also carry ticks that create problems like Lyme disease among pets, children, adults and the elderly. Lyme disease is an inflammatory disease that can develop into arthritis, neurological and cardiac disorders. Shocking results provided by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) show that between 2004-2016, the State of Pennsylvania reported the largest number of Lyme disease infections among any other state – many of them reported right here in Allegheny County. With numbers this close to home, Horhut Tree Services has created a deer management program to curb the population.

Creating a Balance Among Wildlife, Humans and the Environment

With deer roaming our neighborhoods and an uprising in plant damage, tick bites and Lyme disease, Horhut Tree Services knows how important it is to get control of the deer population on your residential, commercial or recreational property. With the safety of your plants, family, and wildlife in mind, the Horhut Tree Services Deer Management program offers various solutions to deer problems, including:

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