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Saving and protecting trees with cable and bracing techniques.
Do you have a tree in your yard that’s been around forever? Like most folks in Pittsburgh, we are very nostalgic and try to preserve any piece of history we can. Trees are just that – a part of our historical landscape. However, over time a tree can develop a weak branch union or other structural defects that deem it weak and potentially hazardous, especially during a storm. A great way to salvage a tree is to add supplemental support from either a cable or brace.

What are Cables and Braces ? Tree Cable & Bracing Pittsburgh

Cables are incredibly durable steel wires paired with a set of bolts installed in the upper crown of a tree. The added structural support will help reduce limbs from breaking. In some cases, trees that have multiple stems called U, V or Y crotch trees, will benefit from a cable system. The cable systems limit the movement of the tree and its limbs during a violent storm, thus preserving your tree.

Brace rods are another alternative for bracing a crotch tree. Rods are threaded above the crotch of the tree where the trunk splits into multiple stems. Inserting a rod part in both stems will help stabilize the movement of the larger limbs.

Cables and braces should only be installed after you’ve had a certified arborist inspect and evaluate the situation. The arborist will make sure the proper techniques and equipment are used during cables installation and bracing.

Tree Planting

Planting a tree is a life-long investment. When you hire our ISA® Certified Arborist to plant your trees, we will guide you and provide all of the instructions you’ll need to tend to your new trees. With proper care, you’ll have the chance watch your tree flourish and grow to its mature, full-size potential.

Proper specimen selection and placement can prevent the need of constant pruning, which actually stunt the growth of a tree when trimmed to often. It can also prevent damage to your home down the line. A certified arborist will help choose trees that will grow to their full potential, and ensure they’re planted far enough away from any structures and utility lines, both above and underground. If you plant a tree near utility lines above, the utility company will end up trimming you tree and it will grow in an unnatural shape. Not to mention, kids or adults climbing a tree commingled with utility wires put them at risk of injury or death!

Alternatively, if you’re not sure what lays beneath the soil, you’re at risk of digging and damaging underground utility lines managed by companies you do not want to deal with.

Why Consult a Pittsburgh Arborist?

An arborist will give you the best advice on tree species that will flourish in your particular location. Trees planted correctly from the start have a much greater chance of long-term survival. If a tree is planted in the wrong position in the landscape, it could create problems in the future with nearby structures, have higher maintenance needs, disease and insect infestations, etc. Healthy, stable and well-maintained trees can add property value, whereas poorly maintained trees create liability and decrease the value of your home.

Before you cut down a tree or plant a new one, reach out to Pittsburgh’s favorite tree company, Horhut Tree Experts, and ask to speak to one of their ISA® Certified Arborist’s today!