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Winter Tree Care Guide

Tree during winter

Your trees can’t bundle up for winter as you can! However, you can take steps to prepare your trees for the winter and the fluctuation of temperatures.

Protecting from Stress due to Cold Temperatures

The cold can put stress on your trees in several ways. The temperature variations can lead to stresses within the trees’ outer bark and inner wood, leaving cracks. If you have a young tree, it is recommended to wrap the bark as part of your maintenance procedure.

Sudden early frosts impact late-season tree growth as it does not have the same time to prepare for the cold. Ice crystals can harm the cell walls on the tips of branches, leading them to die off in the spring. To avoid this, do not prune until dormancy.

If you have branches over your house, sidewalk, or car, you may want to brace or prune them for the winter can cause breakage. Dead branches should be removed.

Winter Drought

Hydration is important throughout the year, so while you have the time to get your trees the nutrients, they need for the wintry months. Drying out can be a real problem during the winter, especially for evergreens. Winter drought occurs when trees lose more water than they can absorb from the frozen ground.

Pout down a layer of mulch around the tree’s base, the much can help slow moisture loss and runoff by buffering the roots.

Branch Breakage

During the winter, branches are more vulnerable to breakage. As the wood hardens, it becomes more brittle and susceptible to wind damage. With that, there also comes ice and snow accumulation.
By preparing your trees well in the fall, branch breakage is minimized. By pruning weak and vulnerable branches, the entire tree can become less susceptible. For small trees and shrubs, you can cover them with sturdy tent-like housing. To prep evergreens, you may want to use a rope to tie up and reinforce branches.

Rodents and Pests

When animals are scavenging for food during the winter, trees are at a higher risk. Deer in rural areas and mice and rabbits all chew bark and can girdle trees. Squirrels can also become a problem.

Rabbits can be kept out by putting up mesh barriers. Leaving a space between the mulch and tree trunk can guard against mice. You will want to check frequently.

Will Winter Kill My Tree?

Winter will not kill or harm your tree if you take the proper precautions to protect it. If you are worried, contact a local tree company to determine your tree’s health and preventative measures.

Hire a Local Tree Company to Maintenance Your Trees

The arborists of Horhut Tree Experts know what is best for winter tree care. The woody plant specialists provide top-notch tree service to help your trees thrive. Contact Horhut Tree Experts today by calling (412) 855-2703 or visiting their website to request a quote. You will want to experience the Horhut difference!



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