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When to Cut Down a Tree

Tree Removal

As you listen to the whispers of the trees, you notice how they are grounded in their roots and their never-ending growth as they sprawl towards the sky. Trees are an eloquent wonder of the natural work, but when a tree dies, it could potentially become a safety hazard. The arborists of Horhut Tree Experts shared these tips about tree removal in Pittsburgh.

Dead or Alive?

There is no simple answer when trying to figure out if your tree is dead. The tree may be dormant or only a few branches of the tree may be affected.

Check for Fungus

You’ll want to be sure you know what you’re looking for. Moss is a non-issue, rather, it’s natural in most cases. When checking for fungus, keep your eyes out for lichen or mushrooms as they are indicators of slowed tree growth. These fungi rot the tree from the inside out. Now, that does not necessarily mean your tree is dead,

Look for Visible Roots

If your tree has started growing along the soil surface rather than under the ground, it is having difficulty managing the land. Shallow roots like this are more susceptible to damage from the weather, animals, or humans. They can also cause the tree to lean.

Scratch Test

This is one of the best ways to tell if your tree is dead or if it is dormant. You will go ahead and scratch a little bit off of a branch. If you see a layer of green tissue, it’s the living cambium layer. This means the tree is alive as cambium is what provides the food, nutrients, and water. If you scratch and there is no green, it means where you did the test is dead, not necessarily the entire tree. Now, if the bark is falling off the tree, that could be an indicator that something is wrong.

Signs of Stress

Keep your eyes of for shoots. They are small branches that grow near the base of the tree trunk and can indicate your tree is stressed.

When to Cut the Tree Down

Dying trees do not need to come down immediately. Trees can remain sturdy for a while even if they are sick and damaged. You will want to consider removing the tree it is in danger of falling and harming someone or something. Contacting the arborists at Horhut Tree Experts for any questions relating to tree removal in Pittsburgh is your best option!

The arborists of Horhut Tree Experts know what is best for your Pittsburgh tree removal in the fall. The woody plant specialists provide top-notch tree service to help your trees thrive. Contact Horhut Tree Experts today by calling (412) 855-2703 or visiting their website to request a quote. You’ll want to experience the Horhut difference!