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What To Do When Your Tree Falls

Tree Fallen over on property

Trees falling is inevitable. It’s natural for trees to die and eventually fall. It is a risk you take with having a large tree in your yard or near your property.

Sometimes it’s obvious when a tree is going to fall – the tree is rotted and decayed. You know they are going to fall in a short time. Other times, it’s not so obvious. The tree is still tall and looks healthy. Above ground, the tree looks good, but it’s below ground where the problems lie. Dead and decomposing roots decrease a tree’s stability, which weakens the trees’ strength. High winds, storms, and tornadoes pose risks to all trees.

What To Do If Your Tree Falls

The first thing you should is if your tree falls is to make sure everyone is ok. Then, assess for other dangerous situations. Say the tree took down the power lines. You should treat the power lines as if they were still alive and stay away while calling the power company.

If It Falls on Your Home

There are a number of factors that influence how bad the damage is if the tree falls on your home. Again, ensure everyone is evacuated and safe. If the tree is blocking your home’s exit, call for help. Next, make sure your home is protected. A fallen tree could cause roof damage, so your things are now exposed to the elements. Make sure your valuables are secured, your doors are locked, and everything that could be damaged by moisture is covered.

Call an Arborist

Once the scene is safe and secured, call an arborist with a known tree company to assess the situation. They are highly trained and have the equipment and knowledge of complex tree situations. Arborists also know the standard tree removal practices and have experience doing it. Arborists are worth the price – they include liability, workman’s compensation insurance, and specialty equipment necessitated by some situations.

Call Insurance

This only needs to be done is the fallen tree caused damage. You will want to have an insurer out before the removal, so they can observe the full damage which is needed for their reports. Ideally, have both the insurer and arborist at the same time.
Regular homeowner’s insurance covers fallen tree damages and will pay to remove trees and the damage.

Call a Contractor

Again, this is only necessary if the fallen tree caused damage. Trees and branches could potentially puncture holes in your roof or siding. These damages must be removed swiftly, so your home can be livable and waterproof. For extreme damages, take measures to ensure your home isn’t a target for robbers.

Damage from a Neighbors Trees

Whoever has the damage pays for it. However, if the tree was dying or the homeowner was warned it wasn’t healthy, they are responsible for the damages.

Prevent It From Falling

If your tree looks like it is going to fall, call an arborist. Arborists can tell right away what needs to be done – the tree may need removed, treated, or cabled.

Know the Signs

You will want to consider removing the tree if it is in danger of falling and harming someone or something. Additionally, know these potential harms and damages.

  • Check for fungus. Keep your eyes out for lichen or mushrooms as they are indicators of slowed tree growth.
  • If your tree has started growing along the soil surface rather than under the ground, it is having difficulty managing the land.
  • Scratch a little bit off a branch. If you see a layer of green tissue, it’s the living cambium layer. This means the tree is alive as cambium is what provides the food, nutrients, and water. If you scratch and there is no green, it means where you did the test is dead, not necessarily the entire tree.
  • Keep your eyes out for shoots. They are small branches that grow near the base of the tree trunk and can indicate your tree is stressed.

Work with a Local Tree Company

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