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Top Reasons for Tree Removal

Trees are a beautiful addition to any landscape.  Some have been with us longer than others—creating lasting memories in many outdoor family photos.  Those are the ones that we may find difficult to remove.  Unfortunately, some issues may arise on your Pittsburgh property which can only be resolved with tree removal.  Let’s review some reasons why tree removal services may be in your immediate future.

Your Tree is Dead or Dying

Leaving a dead or dying tree on your property is an eyesore.  It takes away from your property’s curb appeal, and if you are planning on selling soon, it will lower the resale value of your home.  An indicator of a dying tree could be the lack of new bark appearing when old bark has fallen off, as well as large dead branches.  Before making any decisions to remove a tree, consult a tree service company, like Horhut Tree Experts in Pittsburgh.

Tree Shows Signs of Insect Infestation

If your tree is showing signs of insect infestation, such as sawdust-like piles at the base of the trunk, then it may be time for it to be removed.  Insect infestation will ultimately kill the tree, plus it may spread to other trees on your property.

Tree Has Become Damaged

Various weather conditions can cause severe damage to your trees.  Strong storms or flooding may cause trees to be uprooted.  Lightning may strike destroying the bark.  Even if your tree does not die from a lightning strike, it may suffer damage leaving it vulnerable to pests and diseases.  If tree repair is not possible, then you will need to have the affected tree removed.

Tree is Leaning

Even though trees usually do not grow straight, you do not want them leaning toward your house, driveway, or area where your children play.  If you notice that the soil is beginning to heave on the opposite side of the lean, you should have the tree removed immediately.

Trees are Growing Too Close to Structures and Each Other

If you notice that tree branches are overlapping with other trees, the same thing is probably happening with their roots below ground.  This is not healthy for either tree because the roots will struggle to survive as they look for nutrients and water.  Additionally, trees that have grown too close to your house or utility lines can create problems with plumbing, underground wiring, and foundations.

Tree Has Become a Nuisance

If you feel like you are continually raking and picking up debris from your tree, it may be time to have it removed.  In addition to being tiresome, the falling debris and sap can cause brown spots in your yard or stains on your driveway.

New Landscaping Design

If you are planning to change your landscaping or are looking to add a deck, pool, or another outdoor amenity, you may need to remove trees that are currently in the way of your new plans.

Tree Removal Made Easy with Pittsburgh Tree Company

If not done correctly, tree removal can be dangerous.  It is best to hire a professional tree company, such as Horhut Tree Experts in Pittsburgh, to get the job done correctly and safely.  At Horhut Tree Experts, our team of professionals and certified master arborists not only have years of experience in tree removal, but they are also experts when it comes to inspecting trees that may be candidates for tree removal.  If you are in need of tree removal services on your Pittsburgh property, call Horhut Tree Experts at 412-855-2703.

Jaime Horhut