24 Hour Emergency Service

We had a row of blue spruce and white pine that were getting too large for their location just a few feet from our house. The 20-25 foot trees were the barrier between our house and our neighbor’s, and grew right up against our neighbor’s fence. The roots were coming up into our walkway and growing towards our foundation. Steve came out and gave us an estimate in the spring, but we delayed the work until fall due to birds nesting in the trees. Getting the estimate was quick and easy since Steve emailed it to me shortly after assessing the job.

The crew showed up right on time and got to work in very short order after talking to me and answering any questions I had. After just an hour the trees were down and fed into the chipper, which was very impressive and handled almost a whole tree at a time. I was worried about the proximity of the trees to our house and the neighbor’s fence, but each tree was carefully felled and didn’t cause any damage. The stump grinder also was an impressively efficient piece of equipment. Each stump was ground out and the roots removed all around it, leaving loose dirt for easy replanting. All told, the job was done in less than two hours. The clean up was very thorough–they swept the drive way area and left no tree litter in our yard or our neighbor’s.
Steve was generous with his time and professional advice when my husband and I asked for his input on choosing new plants to replace the removed pines. We are anxious to get another privacy barrier planted and established, and Steve spent quite a bit of time going over our options and giving us the pros and cons of each. He also answered questions we had about some other trees on our property, which was above and beyond the job he had come to do. While he chatted with us, he crew quickly cut and chipped a sizable tree from my neighbor’s yard across the street–she had flagged them down and asked if they could squeeze the job in.
I would definitely use Horhut Tree Experts again. The efficiency of the crew combined with Steve’s knowledge and friendly manner makes them a good choice, and I certainly recommend them!