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Spring Tree Check-Ups

Spring Tree Care

When the gray and cold of winter has you down, think of the warmth and beauty soon to come with spring! A season of regrowth and renewal, spring comes with a vital to-do list. The arborists at Horhut Tree Care know what is best for your tree care in Pittsburgh.

Inspect Trees & Shrubs

Because of the simultaneous snow and rainfall, you may experience standing water or flood damage. You will want to pay attention to high-risk trees and consult an arborist to determine if removal or treatments are your best tree care option for your Pittsburgh home.

Be sure to keep an eye out for yellowing leaves as this is your trees’ way of signifying poor soil drainage and too much moisture. Clean up dead tree branches as water can drench the leaves, weighing down branches. Lastly, fungi near the tree base, thin crowns, off-color leaves, and stunted growth are all above ground clues that tell you something is wrong underneath.

Prune Dead Branches

Pruning dead branches protect trees from unsafe branches. Consider cable and bracing to reduce strain and stress from high winds and lightning protection for future storms. Here are some more tips for pruning dead branches:

  • Never prune more than 25% of your tree’s foliage at once
  • Only cut dry trees with angled cuts to let the excess water drip off.
  • Use sharp, clean, disinfected tools.
  • Prune summer blossoms in the winter.
  • Prune during active growth periods.

Plant New Trees

We benefit socially, environmentally, and economically from trees! Trees help us breathe easier as they act as natural respirators. They help slow rain impact as well as shade us in the summer. Lastly, they increase property value.

Mulch Your Landscape

Mulch helps secure the nutrients your tree needs under the surface. It helps conserve soil moisture and assists in controlling weeds. Mulch aids in moderating soil temperature increases microbial activity and improves air, water, and nutrient retention.

Fertilize Plants

Fertilizing your plants benefits your trees – you will see noticeable boosts! Weakened trees do not withstand unnatural environments, but healthy trees do. Make sure your trees are fertilized to ensure they have enough nutrients and improve their resistance to diseases, insects, and stressful weather conditions.

Contact a Local Tree Company

The arborists of Horhut Tree Experts know what is best for your tree care in Pittsburgh. The woody plant specialists provide top-notch tree service to help your trees thrive. Contact Horhut Tree Experts today by calling (412) 855-2703 or visiting their website to request a quote. You will want to experience the Horhut difference!

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