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Spring Lawn Maintenance

As the days are growing longer and the signs of spring have arrived, lawn maintenance is top of mind for many homeowners.  Hopefully, your lawn was properly cared for in the fall, so that there is little more to do than wait for the warmth to bring the green back.

So what little more is there to do?  Once the hints of green start to show, there are a few maintenance tips you should follow to prep your lawn for a beautiful landscape this summer.

  • Clean Up the Yard – Any debris, dead leaves, twigs, branches and stones should be removed with a leaf rake.
  • Dethatch your Lawn – A deep thorough raking will bring up any thatch that has accumulated over the winter.
  • Control Weed Growth – Apply a pre-emergent herbicide to kill the weeds before they grow.
  • Apply Fertilizer – Give your lawn a healthy start by applying fertilizer in the spring.
  • Seed Bare Spots – Add grass seed to bare spots, so that the spots fill in by summer.

Now that we have the lawn covered, we can’t forget about the trees and shrubs on your property that need attention, too.  Horhut Tree Experts, a local tree care service in Pittsburgh, recommends the following spring maintenance tips for healthy trees and shrubs.

  • Inspect Thoroughly – Look for any dead wood, frostbite, disease or any other signs of damage that could prevent growth this summer.
  • Prune – Spring is the perfect time to prune your trees and shrubs.  Pruning requires a technical skill that is best left to the professionals. Consider hiring a local tree company, such as Pittsburgh’s Horhut Tree Experts with its team of master arborists, to ensure proper pruning maintenance.
  • Water – For newly planted trees and shrubs, deep watering (moisture 4-6 inches below the surface) is crucial to prevent roots from growing close to the surface.  Typically, you will need to water once a week.  As they grow, you can use more water less often.
  • Mulch –For trees, add a two to five inch layer of mulch around the tree—beginning a few inches from the base of the trunk and extending to the drip line.  Mulch not only provides a finished look to your landscaping, but it conserves moisture and suppresses weeds.

Local Tree Care Service

If you feel you have your lawn covered, but need help this spring with maintaining the trees and shrubs on your Pittsburgh property, call Horhut Tree Experts at 412-855-2703. Our team of professionals and master arborists will provide the most experienced, scientific and the highest quality tree care service to your property.

Jaime Horhut