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Fall Tree Care

As summer draws to a close and fall approaches, it is important to prepare your trees for the winter months to encourage healthy growth next spring. Before it gets too cold, give your trees some TLC to help them stay healthy. Here are some tree service tips Pittsburgh’s Horhut Tree Experts recommends tackling as the winter approaches.

Fall Fertilization

With the differences in temperatures between the hot summer and cold winter, trees are bound to lose vital nutrients in the soil. To make sure your trees regain the nutrients they lost over the summer, continue to feed them over the winter by applying a slow-release fertilizer. This will help to replace nutrients and improve resistance to potential dangers like disease, insects, and environmental hazards.


Fall is the perfect time to give your trees a hearty watering before the cold of the winter strikes. You will want to make sure they are well-hydrated throughout the freezing winter.

Subsurface watering, a form of deep root watering, is an effective way to reach the tree’s roots. With an injection probe, water gets deep into the root system, watering the top 12 inches of soil. This is where your trees need water the most. This method is ideal for trees without irrigation systems, newly planted trees, and trees that need relief from droughts.


Fall is actually the best time to plant new trees. Since the temperatures are cooler and there is less stress from the sun, the potential of droughts and extremely high temperatures, newly planted trees get a chance to build root mass and prepare for the winter months. While your planting, this is an opportune time to refresh the mulch to help retain moisture and soil temperature for your trees.


As you prepare your trees for the winter, be sure to inspect them for any potential hazards. You will want to look out for insect or disease damage, safety hazards, or mushrooms.

Get Ready for the Cold

Winter arrives after the fall months, so it is time to prepare now for the snow, frost and dropping temperatures. Extreme weather conditions can pose higher risks of stress for your trees, so cable, brace and prune them before the snow and ice hit. If your tree is weak or has broken or rotting branches, it may not be stronger enough to handle the additional weight of a heavy snowfall or ice storm. Pruning in the fall is much easier because trees have little to no leaves, exposing their structure.

Get Help From a Local Tree Company

Tackling these needs with certainly provide the tree service Pittsburgh’s Horhut Tree Experts recommends as the winter comes closer. The woody plant specialists provide top-notch tree service to help your trees thrive. Contact Horhut Tree Experts today by calling (412) 855-2703 or visiting their website to request a quote. You will want to experience the Horhut difference!

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