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At Horhut Tree Experts, we recognize the value you place on your Oakland property, whether it’s a home or business. Our swift and expert tree care services are designed to enhance your landscape’s aesthetics and health, ultimately elevating the worth of your property. Our team, deeply committed to the vitality of your greenery, ensures every shrub and tree reflects the beauty and vigor you desire for your surroundings. Trust us to preserve the lush appeal of your landscape year-round.

Tree Services

Tree Removal

Need help with removing trees on your property? Look no further than Horhut’s tree removal service experts. Whether you have fallen trees or obstructions, we’ve got you covered.

Tree Trimming

Experience peace of mind with our reliable tree trimming service. Say goodbye to branches getting in the way of electrical lines and debris cluttering your driveway and sidewalks. Not only that, but our scheduled tree trimming will encourage new growth and fruitful production, all while keeping your landscape looking pristine.

Tree Planting

Discover the right trees for your property with our ISA Certified Arborists. We’ll guide you in choosing the perfect trees that will flourish in your soil. Our experts will even safely plant them for you! Plus, we’ll provide you with personalized instructions on how to care for your new trees.


Transform your trees from average to exceptional with our comprehensive tree care services. From expert pruning to effective disease and pest management, our team guarantees the health and vitality of your trees.

Pest Control

Pests can pose a major threat to the health of your tree and cause you to lose the investment you’ve made in your landscape. We can effectively treat and get rid of pest infestations on your shade and ornamental tree using our expert diagnostic techniques and customized treatments.

Tree Support Systems

As trees age, they can develop structural issues that weaken them and create a potential hazard, especially during severe weather or high winds. Rather than removing the tree, we can add supplemental support with a brace or cable to save your tree.

Lightning Protection Systems

Trees are typically taller than your home or business, and with the natural moisture content in their bark, they are a natural lighting rod during a storm. If you have several shade trees on your property, it is recommended that you consider a Tree lighting protection system to keep people who are on or near your property safe while also preventing the loss of your trees.

Storm Damage

After severe weather, you may experience damaged or fallen trees on your residential or commercial property which can pose a threat to you and the people surrounding your property. We will assess the damaged trees and immediately clean up fallen trees and debris to restore the safety of your property.

Expert Tree Maintenance Services

The trees surrounding your home or business play a vital role in the design of your landscape, but without regular maintenance, they can become unsightly or affected by the disease.

Without regular tree maintenance and inspection, your trees can negatively affect surrounding trees, leave debris across your property, and can die, becoming a safety hazard. Our Tree Maintenance services will:

In addition to our tree maintenance services, we also offer a variety of tree services, such as pruning, fertilization, tree support systems, and more!

Storm Damage & Clean-Up Services

Despite your best efforts in maintaining the trees around your Oakland home or business, stormy weather can wreak havoc unexpectedly. Notably resilient trees, too, aren’t immune to the ravages of harsh storms or lightning strikes, leaving your property in disarray and posing risks to the safety of your loved ones or workforce. That’s where Horhut Tree Experts steps in. Tailoring our services to the Oakland community, we offer prompt post-storm cleanup and meticulous removal of any fallen or compromised trees, ensuring your space is returned to its pristine and secure state.

Why Call Horhut Tree Experts?

Whether you want to boost your home’s curb appeal or create a more professional landscape for your business, we’ve got you covered! With our commercial and residential tree services, we can keep your property safe for your family, employees, and customers.

Horhut Tree Experts are ISA Certified Arborists and members of the America Society of Consulting Arborists (ASCA). We offer consultations on residential and commercial properties in the oakland area. Our experienced team follows only the best cultivation practices for the cultivation and management of trees, shrubs, and other plant life on your property.

At Horhut Tree Experts, we make your trees our business. Call us today!