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Is My Tree About to Fall?

If you have large trees on your property, you should regularly inspect them to make sure they are structurally stable. One strong storm could bring down a weakened tree causing damage to your house, personal belongings, or worse, injury to you or someone else. If you are more comfortable leaving it to the professionals, consider hiring a professional tree service in Pittsburgh, like Horhut Tree Experts, to regularly inspect the trees on your property. In the meantime, to avoid any immediate danger, there are signs you can look for to indicate your tree is about to fall.


Not all trees grow perfectly straight, but if they are healthy and mature, their trunks should be growing fairly straight out of the ground. If you notice that a tree is significantly leaning to one side or the soil is beginning to heave on the opposite side of the lean, more than likely your tree is about to fall. To prevent injury or property damage, call a tree removal service for next steps.


If your tree has discolored bark, yellow leaves or lack of leaves, thedisease may have set in. Whether or not the tree will eventually fall will depend on the type of disease affecting the tree. Pittsburgh’s Horhut Tree Experts can provide tree disease treatment or tree removal services upon diagnosis.

Multiple Trunks

Healthy, mature trees typically have one solid trunk from which the branches grow. If a tree has been damaged or diseased, the trunk may split into multiple trunks. Multiple trunks do not have the structural stability to support the weight of the tree; therefore, your tree may be on the verge of falling.


Depending on the type of tree, if branches are breaking off with little to no agitation, this may be a sign that your tree is dying and will potentially fall. Your tree may be self-pruning because it is not getting enough nourishment. If you notice fungus or holes from wood-boring insects, the wood has more than likely begun decaying.


Quality Tree Service in Pittsburgh

The team of professionals and certified master arborists at Horhut Tree Experts have years of experience inspecting trees that may be unhealthy, as well as providing tree disease treatments to Pittsburgh customers. If you are in need of quality tree care and service or would like to speak to an arborist about your Pittsburgh property, call Horhut Tree Experts at 412-855-2703.

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