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How to Stop Deer From Destroying Your Trees

Deer Damaging Trees

While we can appreciate the beauty of deer, they can be quite a nuisance when it comes to your trees and shrubs. Deer love to make a meal out of your trees and shrubs, and the best way to stop them is to learn their habits and outsmart them.

How do I Know My Trees Have Been Damaged by Deer?

To determine if your trees have been damaged by a deer, you need to look for the following:

  • Piles of round black droppings
  • Hoof prints
  • Roughly chopped leaves
  • Scraped tree trunks
  • Keep in mind that deer can reach up to six feet high, so if you see marks or damage like this up higher on your tree, it is likely to be damage done by deer.

Tips for Preventing Tree Damage by Deer

At Horhut Tree Experts, our experienced team has put together a few of our top tips for proper deer management.

Plant Shrubs and Plants that Deter Deer

Like many animals, deer rely on their sense of taste and smell, so it’s essential to use that to your advantage. You can plant shrubs and plants that deer don’t like the scent of; you can deter them from eating your trees. Plants and shrubs like lavender, thorny plants, garlic, sage, rosemary, catmint, and more can help prevent deer from destroying your trees.

Make the Area Smell Bad to Deer

In addition to planting plants and shrubs deer don’t like; you can hang things like mothballs, fabric softener, or garlic around your trees to keep them away.

Have Tree Wraps Installed

By installing tree wraps or netting around the trunks of the trees, you can prevent deer from chewing on them. It will also help deter them from rubbing their antler against the trees. While these may look unsightly to some, they tend to work on protecting your trees.

Use Fishing Line

Another excellent deterrent for deer is fishing line. Stretch the fishing line tight between stakes placed two or three feet high. As deer approach the tree, they encounter the line, get frustrated, and stop approaching it.

Install Fencing Around Your Yard

If you want to keep deer off your property, installing a fence or electric fencing will do the trick. Deer can jump pretty high, so be sure the fence is at least eight feet tall and keep the fencing secured at the bottom to prevent them from climbing underneath. With electric fencing, a deer will be given a safe but effective zap to keep them away.

Use Reflective Items in the Trees

Hanging reflective items in your trees can easily deter deer as it will throw them off. You can use small mirrors, aluminum pie pans, or other reflective items and hang them in the trees using fishing line or hooks. You can also add lights to the trees to help deter deer.

Hang up Wind Chimes

Wind chimes make enough noise to spook or startle deer and keep them away. Hanging wind chimes near your trees can help keep them away.

Try Commercial Sprays

If you’re okay with using chemicals on your property, you can use a variety of deer deterrent chemicals on the market. Some organic sprays are also available. We recommend consulting with our professional team before applying chemicals to ensure they are safe for the trees and other plant life in your yard.

Expert Trees Services for Your Pittsburgh Home

For more information about deterring deer from damaging your trees or for other tree services, contact professional arborists at Horhut Tree Experts today!

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