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Fall Tree Care Tips

Fall Tree Pruning

As the days grow shorter and the temperature subsides, it is time for you to prepare your trees for the colder months! Treat your trees in the fall, so the spring showers and summer warmth can encourage growth. If you take care of your trees in the fall, you’ll be rewarded Horhut Tree Experts suggest these tips for your Pittsburgh tree care:

  • Lay down a blanket covering of mulch to protect your tree’s roots and reduce the temperature extremes.
  • Help promote the health of your trees by using sea kelp to keep the roots strong and healthy.
  • When the weather permits, you will want to water your trees. Make sure your trees are only cold, not frozen when doing so.
  • Prune your trees to help preserve their beauty and prevent any potential breakage. A quick pruning will help protect the limbs from potential wind, snow, and ice damage.
  • Provide and replenish your tree’s nutrients by using a tree fertilizer. Various factors such as tree species, soil conditions, tree age, tree diseases, health, location, weather, and stress conditions all have a potential impact on what fertilizer is best.
  • Fall is a prime time to plant! Use the stable air temperature and ideal moisture levels to add to your yard. Fall is the best time to stimulate root growth. The best time to plan is after the worst heat and 4-6 weeks before the ground freezes.
The arborists of Horhut Tree Experts know what is best for your Pittsburgh tree care in the fall. The woody plant specialists provide top-notch tree service to help your trees thrive. Contact Horhut Tree Experts today by calling (412) 855-2703 or visiting their website to request a quote. You’ll want to experience the Horhut difference!
Jaime Horhut