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How Can I Reuse my Christmas Tree?

Reusing a Christmas Tree

The holidays have come to an end, the decorations are put away and the only sign of Christmas that remains is a bare Christmas tree.  While a live tree is a beautiful addition to any home during the holidays, it seems like such a waste to toss it to the curb when January rolls around.  Therefore, why not reuse your Christmas tree?  Horhut Tree Experts, located in Pittsburgh, PA, suggests the following ways to make your tree the gift that keeps on giving. read more →

Tree Removal Guide

Tree being removed after falling

Removing large trees from your property can be a difficult decision.  Trees add to your landscape by providing shade and beauty, plus they may hold sentimental value if you or someone you loved planted them.  Cost may play a factor in the decision-making, too, depending on the number of trees you need to be removed.  Unfortunately, there are issues that may arise on your Pittsburgh property which can only be resolved with tree removal.  If you are in need of a tree service company in Pittsburgh, be sure to contact Horhut Tree Experts.

At Horhut Tree Experts, our team of professionals and certified master arborists have years of experience in tree removal and inspecting trees that may be candidates for tree removal.  Sometimes it can be hard to make that next step, but we have provided some basics about tree removal below.

Cost of Tree Removal

There are many variables that can affect the cost of tree removal—some you may have not realized.  They include:

  • Height of the tree
  • Width of the tree
  • Number of large, hard to reach branches
  • Tree location
  • The proximity of utility lines

Every tree removal is unique, so it is best to call a tree company to get an estimate for your Pittsburgh property.

Reasons for Tree Removal

  • Tree is dead or shows signs of dying, which can be an eyesore and a safety hazard
  • Tree shows signs of insect infestation, which will ultimately kill the tree and could possibly spread to other trees on your property
  • Tree has been damaged by severe weather conditions, such as lightning or flooding, and cannot be repaired
  • Tree is leaning toward your house, driveway or area where your children or pets play
  • Root systems that have grown too close to your house and utility lines can cause problems with plumbing, underground wiring, and foundations
  • Building a new home in a wooded area, changing your current landscape or adding a pool or deck may require you to remove trees

 If you have encountered any of these reasons for tree removal on your Pittsburgh property, it is best to consult a tree company, like Horhut Tree Experts, for further inspection and removal.

Hire a Professional Tree Service Company

Removing trees is dangerous work, so don’t take chances of cutting them down on your own or hiring amateurs.  The unpredictability of falling trees and dead branches could have devastating consequences.  Not only could someone suffer serious injuries, but as a homeowner, your insurance policy would have to cover injuries, or possibly death, of those that are uninsured.  It’s best to leave it to the experts when it comes to tree removal.  A professional tree company, like Horhut Tree Experts in Pittsburgh, has the training, experience, and equipment for safe tree removal.  If you are in need of tree removal services on your Pittsburgh property, call Horhut Tree Experts at 412-855-2703.

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Is My Tree About to Fall?

Diseased Tree

If you have large trees on your property, you should regularly inspect them to make sure they are structurally stable. One strong storm could bring down a weakened tree causing damage to your house, personal belongings, or worse, injury to you or someone else. If you are more comfortable leaving it to the professionals, consider hiring a professional tree service in Pittsburgh, like Horhut Tree Experts, to regularly inspect the trees on your property. In the meantime, to avoid any immediate danger, there are signs you can look for to indicate your tree is about to fall. read more →

Common Signs of a Dying Tree

Dying Tree Care Pittsburgh

If you have trees on your Pittsburgh property, they more than likely are a prominent feature of your landscape.  Trees, a beautiful addition to any yard, can stand out even more if they are sickly or dying.  From insect infestations to lightning strikes to tree diseases, there can be a variety of reasons that the health of a tree is compromised.   As a property owner, it is essential that you recognize the common signs of a dying tree and take the necessary steps to preserve the tree’s life.   Let’s get started with what you should look for: read more →

Top Reasons for Tree Removal

Tree Removal Pittsburgh

Trees are a beautiful addition to any landscape.  Some have been with us longer than others—creating lasting memories in many outdoor family photos.  Those are the ones that we may find difficult to remove.  Unfortunately, some issues may arise on your Pittsburgh property which can only be resolved with tree removal.  Let’s review some reasons why tree removal services may be in your immediate future. read more →

Steps to Take if Your Tree is Struck By Lightning

Tree Lightning Protection Pittsburgh

Lightning is inevitable—about 100 lightning bolts strike the Earth’s surface every second.  It is a fascinating weather phenomenon that is studied by many.  Even if you don’t know much about the science of lightning, you probably have been told from an early age to never stand under a tree when it is lightning.  But why?  Trees are a prime target because they protrude from the Earth’s surface.  Additionally, moisture (sap and water) is a good conductor of electricity.  This combination causes thousands of trees to get struck every year. read more →