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Caring for a Newly Planted Tree

Watering a Tree

If you have added some new young trees to your landscape, it is important to give them proper care to grow big and strong in their new environment.

Watering Your Tree

After you first plant your tree, it will take some time to adjust to its new environment. While mature trees can survive off normal rainfall, new trees need to be watered regularly. During the first few weeks of growth, daily watering is essential to bring the moisture and oxygen your new tree needs to develop a healthy root system. Trees should be watered at least once a week throughout their first year and more often during a dry period. You will want to give your newly planted tree about 15-20 gallons of water per week.

Mulching a Young Tree

The best tip we can give you on caring for a newly planted tree is watering. This allows the moisture to reach its roots, but mulching is necessary to help the tree maintain that moisture. However, if too much mulch is laid, a damp and cool environment will be created where diseases and fungi thrive. You will want to add a 2-4” layer of mulch around the tree and leave about an inch or two of un-mulched space around the tree’s trunk to ensure proper air circulation.

Within its first year of growth, a young tree will not typically require pruning. However, if you notice branch defects at the time of planting, they should be trimmed away to allow for new, healthy branches to grow and thrive. Be mindful that too much trimming can stunt the growth of a newly planted tree. Keep any significant trimming or pruning for later years to protect the growth of your new tree.

Maintenance from Professional Tree Companies

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