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Fall Tree Care Tips

As the days grow shorter and the temperature subsides, it is time for you to prepare your trees for the colder months! Treat your trees in the fall, so the spring showers and summer warmth can encourage growth. If you take care of your trees in the fall, you’ll be rewarded Horhut Tree Experts suggest […]

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Tree Care Guide

Proper tree care begins when you select a tree for your property.  Researching and understanding the types of trees that will thrive in your environment are an excellent way to begin the process.  Once you have chosen your trees, everything you do in the first few years to plant, grow and maintain them will determine […]

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Common Tree Pests

With every summer comes long days, fun in the sun, beautiful landscapes and, unfortunately, insects and pests. They literally seem to come from nowhere and immediately want to attack the trees on our properties. If not taken care of quickly, they can cause serious tree damage, which may result in tree death and removal.

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Tips for Summer Tree Care

This summer, don’t allow the trees on your property to fall victim to summer storms, drought, intense heat, disease and insect infestations. Take care of your landscape by paying special attention to your trees from June through August.  Horhut Tree Experts, a local tree care service in Pittsburgh, suggests the following tips for healthy, happy […]

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When Should I Prune my Tree?

As winter shows signs of ending, you should be thinking about your landscape and preparing it for spring. Now is the perfect time to begin pruning your trees. Contrary to what many people believe, fall is not the time to attack this job. Even though

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Spring Lawn Maintenance

As the days are growing longer and the signs of spring have arrived, lawn maintenance is top of mind for many homeowners.  Hopefully, your lawn was properly cared for in the fall, so that there is little more to do than wait for the warmth to bring the green back. So what little more is […]

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Watch Out—Spotted Lanternfly in Western PA

Spotted Lanternfly, also referred to as SLF, has recently been spotted in western Pennsylvania adding Allegheny and Beaver counties to the list of quarantined counties.  Originally discovered in Berks County (eastern PA) in 2014, this invasive species of planthoppers can cause serious damage to trees and has the potential to greatly impact the Pennsylvania agriculture […]

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How Can I Reuse my Christmas Tree?

The holidays have come to an end, the decorations are put away and the only sign of Christmas that remains is a bare Christmas tree.  While a live tree is a beautiful addition to any home during the holidays, it seems like such a waste to toss it to the curb when January rolls around.  […]

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