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Seasonal Tree Care Guide

Fall Tree Care As summer draws to a close and fall approaches, it is important to prepare your trees for the winter months to encourage healthy growth next spring. Before it gets too cold, give your trees some TLC to help them stay healthy. Here are some tree service tips Pittsburgh’s Horhut Tree Experts recommends […]

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Tips for Watering Your Trees

As we get closer to summer, watering your trees is one of the easiest ways to keep them healthy and stress-free. Consistent watering is the key to success! However, the most common watering mistake is actually too much water.

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Spotting a Dangerous Tree

Dangerous trees can certainly cause potential safety hazards. Weak or dying trees could cause thousands of dollars in property damage if a tree falls on your home or garage. Below are tips from the arborists at Horhut Tree Experts on how to spot a dangerous that made need removed from your property. Contact a plant […]

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How Uncured Trees Can Harm Your Home

Thriving and growing trees certainly grab your attention. Nature’s natural respirators are something you look for when looking for a home. Though beautiful, uncured trees are potentially destructive to your home. The arborists at Horhut Tree Experts know how to help with tree service in Pittsburgh. Roots of the Tree When looking at beautiful trees, […]

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Spring Tree Check-Ups

When the gray and cold of winter has you down, think of the warmth and beauty soon to come with spring! A season of regrowth and renewal, spring comes with a vital to-do list. The arborists at Horhut Tree Care know what is best for your tree care in Pittsburgh. Inspect Trees & Shrubs Because […]

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What To Do When Your Tree Falls

Trees falling is inevitable. It’s natural for trees to die and eventually fall. It is a risk you take with having a large tree in your yard or near your property. Sometimes it’s obvious when a tree is going to fall – the tree is rotted and decayed. You know they are going to fall […]

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How to Care for Your Trees in the Winter

While the snow looks pretty on the trees, the winters are trying for trees. The cold weather dries out the leaves, damages the bark, and injures branches, flower buds, and roots. Humans contribute to the issues trees face as the salt for roads and sidewalks damages soil health. Because of food shortages in the winter, […]

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Fall Tree Care Tips

As the days grow shorter and the temperature subsides, it is time for you to prepare your trees for the colder months! Treat your trees in the fall, so the spring showers and summer warmth can encourage growth. If you take care of your trees in the fall, you’ll be rewarded Horhut Tree Experts suggest […]

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