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Arborists vs Tree Companies

Certified Arborists

While arborists and tree trimmers share some similarities, they are not the same. There are many key distinctions between the two that every property owner should know. Both tend to offer tree pruning, planting, and tree removal services; certified arborists are trained and educated to care for properly and plant trees when you need tree service. Pittsburgh’s Horhut Tree Experts have certified arborists that are ready to care for your trees.

Advantages of Working with a Certified Arborist


Through the Society of Arboriculture (ISA), arborists complete a certification program and pass an exam. In this training, arborists learn about tree biology, proper growth patterns, and the ideal climate for tree health. Tree trimmers without an ISA certification tend not to have training in tree biology, disease, and minimal knowledge of local tree species.


A tree’s health, appearance, and lifespan depend on how the tree is planted and pruned. Certified arborists receive training to provide ideal growing conditions and train in proper tree pruning techniques and cutting standards to remove dead branches to promote growth and tree health. Without an ISA certification, tree trimmers may not know optimal growing conditions or over-prune, resulting in damage to healthy trees.


Arborists with an ISA certification are trained to identify signs of disease and decay before they are visible. They are qualified to assess the risk of damage to a person or property. Tree trimmers who do not have an ISA certification may not be able to identify risks. To reduce liability issues, a certified arborist is the way to go.


Certified arborists can protect trees during land development. Many places now require a certified arborist is consulted during any construction project. They work alongside developers to create a tree protection plan. Certified arborists are qualified to make tree planting and pruning recommendations to enhance the beauty, value, and economic benefits.

The arborists of Horhut Tree Experts know what is best for your Pittsburgh tree service. We service Pittsburgh, South Hills, and surrounding areas such as Mt. Lebanon. Contact us to see if we service your area! The woody plant specialists provide top-notch tree service to help your trees thrive.